About Us
Welcome to Arizona & Utah vacation rentals. That name sounds pretty impressive but the truth is we are not a big company. We are two people. A married couple. John and Susie Lundberg. We are all about family and family experiences.

Image Our story started in 1973 when we met on Halloween night. We married in 1977 and bought our first home in Orem Utah as we were finishing school at BYU. We began a family and started to invest in properties when we could afford them and over the years held onto the ones that mean the most to us. Location is very important when it comes to vacations and our homes are in perfect locations.


Image We held onto a house in one of our favorite places on the planet. Provo/Orem. We loved the Rocky Mountain West and Susie loved to ski and I loved college football so we held onto this home. Small, but in a great location, it is close to BYU and UVU and all the hot spots of Utah County. Sundance ski resort is nearby and BYU football is practically walking distance.

Image My job had us moving across and around the West and we finally ended up in Phoenix (Glendale) Arizona with intentions of moving back to Utah within a couple maybe three years. Susie made life long friends and loved the hiking opportunities all around the Valley of the Sun and I took up dirt biking in the late 1980s while living Arizona. The Winters are heaven on earth and custom built for hiking and dirt biking. We came out of movie theater on Christmas Day around 1989, the sky was bright blue, the temperature was in the high 70's, we turned to each other and asked why we ever wanted to leave this place. We agreed right then that we would always have a presence in Arizona. We bought a home large enough to house four children but with more on the way we eventually bought our current house which has 6 bedrooms, enough for our six kids and still have it today as seen on this web site. It too is conveniently located to all access points for spring training, golf, hiking and dirt biking.

Image As a family, sometime in the late 1990s we attended Disney- land for 5 days and as chance would have it I had a cousin getting married in my ancestral home in Montana, so we drove to Montana and attended cousin Tim's wedding at the "Ranch". A log home built many years ago by pioneers in ranching in Southeastern Montana, my kids spent a few more days playing in the countryside. On our drive home to Arizona, we asked each of the kids what their favorite part of the vacation was. We expected Disneyland as the an- swer…but to our surprise each child said the Ranch was their favorite part of the experience. This got Susie and I to thinking, we were raising "city kids". That began an effort to find someplace where we could recreate in the great out- doors. It had to be a place away from town, (countryside) have hiking opportunities and dirt biking options. We found exactly what we were looking for on the Wilson mesa above Moab Utah.

ImageIt is off the beaten path and one of favorite spots in all the world. Hiking and dirt biking and of roading in general is the best in all of the world. Our ever-growing family loves the tranquil setting of the cabin and the views that the area has to offer. They never grow old.

Image So as time has gone by we have held onto three of our favorite properties and rent them out on a short term basis to folks that can appreciate each location. It is not like we have a large staff of employees, so we ask that each of our guests treat the property in which they are staying like a home that is cared for and loved. We go to great lengths to make sure you have a good experience.
Consequently we ask for private feedback on any area that needs improvement with a commitment on our part to address any situation as soon as notified. We depend on your favorable 5 star ratings to continue with the rentals.

Image We welcome you and hope no matter which property you choose, it serves as a home away from home for you.
Don't hesitate to call or email with any questions you may have. We are always happy to discuss your travel plans and how we can help. Image